2 week block at Bobath - Complete

posted 29 Jul 2011, 10:06 by Tara Haroon
It has been a long, tiring two weeks but Joshua has come so far.  He has worked really hard on learning to roll, on reaching his arms and relaxing his hands, he has used communication switches with purpose (pressing the switch activates a toy), he is beginning to learn to drink from a cup and he is understanding some basic signing (we perform signs on his body) 'again' and 'finished'.

The therapists there are amazing, patient and instructive.  They can see where Joshua is showing signs of weakness and spend time trying to ascertain the cause, be it neurological, habitual or sensory.  As a result we come away with a whole new box of tools for engaging and helping Joshua.

His community Physiotherapist has also attended which means that she can help us continue to push and motivate Joshua at home.

The work doesn't stop because the treatment has finished, it just means that we are prepared to carry out all the activities at home.  The constant repetition should help Joshua to learn the skills.

This block of treatment would not have been possible without the donations and support of our friends and supporters.  We are already booked in for another block in January and can't thank you all enough.