2 Week Block is Complete!

posted 10 Mar 2012, 03:32 by Tara Haroon   [ updated 10 Mar 2012, 13:17 ]
I think we are all pleased that the block of treatment is finished.  No more back and forth to Finchley, no more organising who is picking kids up, no more exhustion for Josh.  But, now the work starts.  They have given us the tools now we must use them.
Some of the things we worked on
Dressing and Undressing
By doing this in a seated position it will encourage Joshua to be more aware of his body and help to straighten his arms.
Supported Sitting
New techniques to help with sitting positions, this will help his head and trunk control. The first picture shows Joshua sitting with a leg bent, this helps him to reduce the tightness in his arms and legs.
Drinking from an open cup
We were shown how to give Josh additional support around his jaw to help him bring his lips together.
Communication and Play
We were shown different ways of using Joshua's step by step switch for play.  We are encouraging more sounds, like m, b, and p and we are already being rewarded with more consistent responses. 
We also looked at seating, standing and reclining.
The two weeks were incredibly hard work for Josh.  By part way through week 2 he was exhusted.  He did perservre and do so well, he continued to keep becoming active in the play sessions.  He has been using muscles that he hasn't before, he is fighting against gravity and still he has a smile.  We are so proud of him.
Sitting with one leg bent helps Joshua reduce the tone (tightness) in his arms and legs.