A Very Intensive Week at Bobath

posted 18 Oct 2012, 09:19 by Tara Haroon
Just saw this in the draft folder, from June. I've really let the blog go! 

This has been a very hard week, for Josh and for all of us.  Bobath Week as we call it.  It means a lot of travelling back and forth to Finchley but it results in so much positive reinforcement and reminds us of how fantastic Josh is, who never gives up and is eager to learn.
He definately delighted his physiotherapist, Marie, who is astounded by how much he has acheived in just one week. It was very intensive and we were all aware that having a week meant a lot of work.  By the end of the week Joshua was tired and obviously had muscle fatigue but he was still smiling.
  • Improved head control - also understanding "Head Up" and "Head in the middle"
  • Improved arm tone - understanding "Hands Down" - tolerating his arms being held and touched.
  • Improved communication - using his voice to vocalise to request more play - using a switch to

We also had the opportunity to try using a head switch, a small switch that can be placed at the side of his head, which Josh can operate independantly, this will encourage him to bring his head back and centre. 

We even managed to discuss equipment like pushchairs, standing frames, lycra suits, thumb splints and i2i head support.
On Wednesday both Joshua's school physiotherapist and speach and language therapist attended so that recommendations can be taken into school and incorporated into his daily programes.
Productive does not even begin to cover it!