Dave Does....

posted 19 Mar 2011, 08:45 by Tara Haroon   [ updated 24 Mar 2011, 13:17 ]
Some say he was abducted from a troupe of chimpanzees by a marauding clan of Scottish sheep worriers... Others say that his body is absorbing the hair from the top of his head and redistributing it all over his back... All we know is he's called DAVE!  And he is doing a sponsored body wax to help raise money for Joshua's Journey.  

Check out the hair on his body.
Now, that's gonna hurt.

The big day has been set for 29 April.  So, whilst Wills and Kate are declaring their love, we will be de-hairing Dave for dosh.  And for your entertainment, this will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube, link to follow.

You can sponsor per wax strip, per side, or whatever you can afford.  Every penny will help Joshua receive his next block of Bobath therapy. You can email your pledge to haroon@sky.com or via Joshua's facebook page