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posted 15 Jul 2011, 03:07 by Tara Haroon
We have gone from zero publicity to two items in one week.

Here are the Guides on their Bridges Walk;

and here is some free publicity for the Avalon Bar Night on Wednesday.

It's going to be a crazy, busy week.  End of term, end of primary for Phoebe, music exam, optician and BOBATH! Looking forward to Bobath, Joshua has been reaching a lot this week, especially for Dave's beard.  He is enjoying the textures. And today he held a rusk for about a minute whilst quietly munching away. With all these developments we are really hopeful that this is a perfect time for the intensity of Bobath as they'll be pushing him in these areas.

Not looking forward to seeing the optician as they will be registering Josh blind.  But we think this is changing.  The work he is doing with his Visual Impairment Teacher is really paying off.

On the bright side there is even more good news - Josh also got a place at Small Steps School for Parents.  He starts in September!  He is in the early mobility/visual class which is perfect for him.  Lots of light therapy, lots of floor work and lots of messy play.  Perfect!