Small Steps School for Parents

posted 17 Jun 2011, 11:48 by Tara Haroon
Some time ago I began reading blogs, this was around the time we found out Joshua had suffered brain damage and I was desperate for information, for knowledge, for a crystal ball.  This one, in particular ( caught my attention, ok I hated the title, but, getting beyond that, Mama Lewis says it how it is.  Her daughter is about 8 months older that Joshua with many similarities.  She spoke about Small Steps and who revolutionary it was, how the interaction helped May, how wonderful the school was.  I was intrigued.  I made enquiries a couple of months ago, today we visited it.  

Unfortunately the journey to Putney took 2.5 hours, so once out of the car, Joshua feel asleep.  He stayed asleep for the entire visit.  But I really liked it.  The social aspect for both the kids and their parents.  The warmth, the greeting, the hot cup of tea!  What I really liked was that there was a physio as well as conductors, meaning they have found the harmony between conductive education and the physical well being.  The staff obviously enjoy their jobs and care about the kids.  

Joshua is going back for an individual assessment in July.  I really hope he gets a place in one of the groups.