West Ham Til I Die

posted 1 Apr 2012, 14:24 by Tara Haroon
I do believe that is the saying.  Let me tell you how the day went. 
Saturday the 31st March 2012, West Ham v Reading 3pm kick off.  Temperature 10c and cloudy (it's important you realise just how cold it was).
The collectors (aka Joshua's Friends) arrived at 12.45 and were ready to don their t-shirts and grab their buckets - gutted that we didn't get a picture of everybody, but to give you an idea... Don't they look fab?
I mentioned it was cold, well it really was, very, very cold.  We were all shivering and joked that we wasn't rattling the buckets but just shivering so much that they shook.  Not one person complained though, not one person stopped collecting, everyone kept smiling, chatting to the football fans and collecting those pennies. 
One fan donated a ticket (his girlfriend decided it was too cold to go watch a match) and another fan saw this going on and told us to go the cash sales gate.  Sure enough within around 5 minutes, eagle eyed Lulu spotted a single man and moved in.  He gave her £40 for the ticket. 
A few supporters came to share their experiences of caring for unique kids. 
David thought that when Karen Hardy was driving away from the stadium, she leant across her seat reaching for her purse. "Oh Yes?" David pondered.  At which point she excellerated very quickly and was gone. 
Best quote of the day from a particulary merry Hammer "Where's Joshua going?".
Sadly (as we are a house of Hammers) we lost 2:4 to Reading, but support (financial) continued after the game.
Owen managed to get some picture of the players wearing Joshua's wristbands (let me know if you want a band (always trying to up the sales)
I do hope that some of the supporters who took bands, perhaps the players and even Joshua's Friends (Phoebe, Nalan, Angela, Nikki, Mini, Lousie, Jess, Katie, Jacquie, Barry, Hayley, Michelle, Liz and Owen) who came out in support know that we greatly appreciated every thing they did, and every penny donated.  We ensure that every penny goes directly to Josh's therapies at Bobath, no admin or deductions what so ever.  Every volunteer is exactly that, each person gave up their time on a Saturday and stood (did I mention the freezing cold) in the cold. 
We don't want to forget all the behind the scenes help we received, especially West Ham United Football Club, who responded to our pleas for help, tolerated my questions and supported us during the day, Maggie and Paul who lent Josh the West Ham strip for his photoshoot, Lorraine and Dave created the t-shirt transfers, designed the fabulous new logo and drove from Brighton to deliver them and then there is the printer, he donated his time and resourses to print the bucket stickers. 
So, I hope you are as staggered as we to learn that we raised £1,181.28 - that is almost 1/3 of a block of treatment.  We were astonished and grateful, humbled and honoured to have been a part of it all.