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A couple of weeks ago I took Josh along for an assessment for a supportive pushchair.  He was measured, held and muscles monitored.  The OT agreed he needed head support, trunk support and the ability to keep his hips at 90 degrees but a tilt in space function for times when he is sleepy, and ideally a sprung back; when Joshua extend.  

We discussed the fact that booking a representative to visit and orders to be fulfilled can be very timely (running into months).  So the OT said, to tide us over, Joshua could loan a pushchair, and she would make all the adjustments to make it small enough for him and we should collect it the following week.

That appointment was yesterday...

Oh dear, what happened?

We turned up, the OT didn't.  That's ok, they've arranged cover.  
The pushchair that she was setting up for Joshua has been given to another child.  That's ok, they've arranged another.

Here is what we were expecting
Points to note, head support, tilt in space, chest straps. 


Here is what was provided

Points to note, no head support, no tilt in space and a 5 point harness.

Had the OT have not meet and 'assessed' Joshua, perhaps I could understand that she was trying to offer a solution.  But she had met him, she knows that he has very low tone through his trunk, that he is unable to sit unsupported, that he has very little head control.

Thankfully we have been learning about posture and support.  So taking one look at the pushchair I was enraged.  The poor OT who was there got it in the neck.  Not really her fault, but I couldn't articulate how shocked that an OT would offer Josh something that could potentially endanger him.  Yes I had said I don't care what it looks like, yes I had said any colour is fine.  But I also very clearly specified "as long as it is right for Joshua".

I was still livid when I got home, so later on in the evening I sent a letter of complaint to Whizz Kids (as they are in partnership with Tower Hamlets PCT).

All better now! Big sigh of relief

posted 17 Jun 2011, 11:32 by Tara Haroon   [ updated 17 Jun 2011, 11:45 ]

Yesterday we collected a new pushchair for Joshua. A Hoggi Bingo - supportive, well padded, comfortable and great to push.  OK it is not small, compact, lightweight but these are compromises that have to be made to ensure Joshua is in a good postural position.

I spoke to the OT we had an issue with.  She was lovely and very apologetic.  I'm pleased that everything was sorted out.  

We have an appointment to see the R82 rep in July.  It will be good to be able make comparisons between the two.  To be honest though, I think we've got it right with this one (fingers crossed).  Joshua is happy, and therefore everyone is happy.

David's job is to find a roof box that we can fit it in now, because we won't all fit in the car with it!  

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