iPad Apps and Stuff

All 5 of our kids love to use the iPad.  Josh is no different!  Although, because of his difficulties co-ordinating muscle movements and his visual impairment finding apps to stimulate, interest and offer action and reward may be a little bit more of a challenge, here are apps we have used and found to be great fun.
Baby Piano - the keyboard can play set tunes or free play.  The sounds can be changed to animal sounds or keyboard.
BLtickle - touch the screen and the baby giggles.
iLoveFireworks - touch the screen and a create beautiful firework display, complete with sound effects. 
Musical Hands - the whole screen becomes instruments, lovely music making app.
Rattle - This little app responds to movement aswell as touch.  Touching the screen brings a range of animals with sound.
Singing Fingers - lets you fingerpaint with sound, touch the screen and colourful paint apears, touch the paint to playback sound. 
Tap-n-See Zoo - designed specifically for children with CVI - tap the moving bear or animal and be rewarded with a fanfare.  Contrasting colours and movement help Josh to find the object.
We found out about most of these from either the Wonder Baby website or from Facebook Groups.

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